Those who have been haunted by a shattered iPhone 5 screen will no longer have to peer through a network of cracks as they browse through music or play the latest version of Angry Birds. Although display repairs were previously offered by third-party companies, such as Quick iFix, Apple has always been absent in this particular area. According to information shared to MacRumors, that's all about to change.

A complete screen replacement can now be purchased to the tune of $149; an option that is being offered to both those who have and don't have AppleCare+. This fee might seem a little high at first, but it's actually less expensive than most of the competition. For example, Quick iFix priced their screen replacements at $175 in early May, but have since lowered this figure to $140 - an indication that Apple's market presence has been heard.

The reasoning behind the new Apple repair service is simple; the move will purportedly save the tech giant up to $1 billion per year. The in-store fixes should also save Apple customers considerable money themselves. Users who previously opted out of AppleCare+ would have had to undergo a complete iPhone replacement for $229. In fact, the new pricing model is perfectly aligned with the cost of a single repair through AppleCare+, which charges an initial $99 fee and $49 per replacement.

Reports also suggest that the new Apple services aren't just limited to cracked displays, but will also support several multi-touch issues. Repairs to iPhone cameras, logic boards, and external buttons are also expected to become available sometime in July.