HP is preparing to launch a tablet powered by Intel's new fourth generation processor, codenamed Haswell, according to an HP executive. It'll be unique in the fact that it won't require active cooling - something that many thought wouldn't be possible until Intel's Broadwell (fifth generation) platform is ready.

What's more, the HP executive told Engadget the fanless Haswell tablet was actually on stage during Intel's press conference at Computex but it didn't receive any attention. To that end, we are told that an official announcement is expected later this year which makes sense considering Intel's current Haswell lineup consists mostly of higher-powered desktop and notebook parts.

A fanless Haswell tablet that can run a full version of Windows 8 is an interesting proposition if HP is able to pull it off with reasonable battery life. What's more, the system would likely need a complex passive heatsink in order to properly dissipate the chip's heat. But without a space-consuming fan, there's likely plenty of real estate to make it happen.

Microsoft's current Surface Pro tablet runs an Intel Ivy Bridge chip but requires active cooling to do so. Most claim the fan is audible if you are in a quiet environment even while doing mundane tasks. It kicks up a notch or two under heavy load which, as I've heard from a few people, can become a little bit annoying.

If HP can eliminate this annoyance, they could have a serious contender on their hands for the holiday season.