I've recently installed Windows 2003 Server, the new state of the art Microsoft server.

Instead of the usual, "lets turn everything on by default, that way any moron can get it working and we have to support it less" kind of mentality, Microsoft has paid a lot more attention to security this time, and the default is a lot of things turned off.

Including the ability to surf the web properly. Here's some screenshots here, and here. Apart from that, the desktop looks just like XP with all the candy turned off by default, and I've not had time to really look at any interesting controls yet.

My first impression is that its Windows 2000 Server with the XP interface and the newest version of IIS, version 6.

I've done a clean install on my server, but it didn't like that. So instead I moved it onto a spare partition on my 2nd machine. It seems to like it there.

I restored Windows 2000 onto my main server from a Drive Image backup. I am thinking about trying an upgrade as well on the server, we shall see.

I had a choice of Standard or Enterprise Editions from the CD that I had. The version I had was the Volume Licencing one. I'd like nothing better than to write a proper article but there just isn't time for that in my life right now. Shame.

I also haven't had time to have a good gander at the controls of this new baby yet, being that I have loads of exams right now. But rest assured, you will be hearing more about these new servers soon. Could there already be a time comming where Windows 2000 Servers will start to go in the bin along with NT4 ?