While most of the attention at this year's E3 was focused on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, there were plenty of other companies hanging around the show floor showing off their goods. One such company is Exeo Entertainment, which displayed a product called the Extreme Gamer XG 10 that's designed to let gamers load up to ten Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 discs at a time, so there is no need to get up and switch between them.

This is definitely not the first disc switcher to work with the current generations of consoles, but what makes the this one interesting is that it promises not to void the warranty. The device sends disc data to the connected system through USB or ethernet cables, meaning the console is processing the game, not the XG 10.

While the whole thing sounds a little odd, Exeo Entertainment ensured Engadget that console makers are actually okay with the device simply because of the aforementioned method of processing data. 

It's definitely a interesting companion to your console, especially if you switch between games a lot and maybe have the actual machine stored in a rather inaccesible place – or you are just too lazy to get up. But it seems a little late considering around the world already rushing to preorder the Xbox One, PS4, or both. That said, there is a massive install base of 360s and PS3s out there, so the potential market is still large.

The company says it has plans to build a similar device for the Xbox One and PS4 as soon as it is able to get the consoles in its possession. With the increase in gaming sold digitally on the next generation consoles, will something like this be needed? Exeo Entertainment thinks so.