Games already make up a huge portion of Apple's App Store, and with iOS 7, the company is finally planning to get serious about this market by introducing support for standardized third party controllers on its devices.

The move addresses perhaps the single biggest weakness the iPhone has had next to specialized devices like the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS when it comes to gaming on the go – even if the popular handset (and smartphones in general) are already chipping away the market as it is.

Going by a leaked photo posted on Kotaku it looks like third-party accessory maker Logitech is ready to jump on board with an iPhone 5 compatible gamepad. The device features four face buttons and what looks like a direction pad along with a blurry Logitech G logo and a Lightning connector on the right side.

The report doesn't list any specifics beyond what you can see at a glance, but Kotaku says it can vouch for the image's authenticity, and that we can expect this to hit the market in the fall when iOS 7 arrives – probably alongside a bunch other third-party controllers from a range of manufacturers.

Apple is not expected to release its own controller for the iPhone so you'll have to settle for third-party options like this. Of course, Logitech is a big name in both mobile accesories and gaming peripherals, so having them on board can only mean good things for the future of gaming on the iPhone.