Google is reportedly working on a trio of new devices in an effort to expand the reach of Android beyond smartphones and tablets. An Android gaming console similar to Ouya, a smartwatch and a media player to replace the ill-fated Nexus Q are all in the pipeline, sources say.

With the gaming console and smartwatch, Google is hoping to combat similar devices that Apple may be preparing to release in the future. The media player, on the other hand, is simply a reboot of a product that was unveiled last year but never made it onto store shelves.

All three of these products are to be designed and marketed by the search giant and at least one is expected to launch later this fall. No word on which device that would be but if I had to bet, I'd put my money on the media player simply because Google already had a device ready to go a year ago.

Android has been a huge success for Google ever since its initial release back in 2008. It found an early home on smartphones but eventually worked its way onto tablets once those started to take hold in the market.

During the first quarter Android powered 75 percent of all smartphones and 57 percent of tablets shipped around the world according to IDC. Ouya, the Android-power gaming console is also seeing tremendous success following a solid run on Kickstarter. It's this level of success that Google hopes to capitalize on in other markets as well.