Google getting proactive with a trio of devices Apple may release

Shawn Knight

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Google is reportedly working on a trio of new devices in an effort to expand the reach of Android beyond smartphones and tablets. An Android gaming console similar to Ouya, a smartwatch and a media player to replace the ill-fated...

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Lol... a google gaming device. Millions of children already have one... their called a "smartphone"

Google doesn't understand that "apps" are a nickname for applet, not application. Only a real OS uses applications, while google uses applets.


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Change the title it is confusing and misleading it had me wondering what in the world google was doing making products for apple...

Also "Guest" don't think it would look good using "applets" instead of a more easier more friendlier and instantly knowledgeable word like "Apps" on googles/apples stores would you? No it wouldn't even a tech savvied person would be pretty confused as to why it says applets which apple probably already have the IP for.


Why is Google ordering Proactive along with three devices from Apple?