The mobile space is constantly changing, and it seems as though video services are the next big thing. Two major players have emerged to fill this niche, Instagram and Vine, with both ratcheting up what they have to offer in an attempt to claim the top spot. According to PCWorld, Vine has battled back launching several new features that are designed to enhance the way mobile videos are both captured and shared.

The update comes just two weeks after Instagram released a competing video service; a move that has significantly impacted Vine downloads. Following the unveiling of Instagram Video, Vine dropped out of the iPhone's exclusive top five free downloads for the first time since March 27th. Although this data is only speculative and does not indicate any long-term struggles, Vine is certainly looking to up its game.

One of the major upgrades includes a revamped camera tool. The new interface sports a grid to help keep videos centered and properly aligned. Focusing technology has also been improved, and a new "ghost mode" enables users to preview the last shot taken. The app still doesn't offer any video editing capabilities, though.

Mimicking its parent company, individuals can now "Re-vine" their favorite six-second clips. Another new sharing feature includes the introduction of specific channels that will help Viners to browse through the most popular videos. Some of the categories include music, nature, comedy, and even cats. On the privacy front, Vine members will now be able to control who has access to their posts; public sharing is no longer a requirement. 

Colin Kroll, the company's Chief Technology Officer, made it clear that even more changes are in the works. As of now, the full update is only available to iOS users. An Android version is expected sometime next week.

Image via Web Adictos