Samsung will be breaking ground on a brand new campus in San Jose, California, this week. The facility will be used as a headquarters for research and development and is being designed by world renowned architectural firm NBBJ.

The structure will encompass 1.1 million square feet when it's complete. There will be a 10-story central building with two floors that will be completely open-air. The exterior will be covered in glass and white metal while the parking garage will feature a folding green wall that is said to resemble a vertical garden.

Naturally, there will be a ton of office space given its size but in true Silicon Valley fashion, it'll also play home to cafes, a gym, dining areas and even gardens. We're told the campus will be built to LEED Gold environmental standards.

In a statement on the matter, Samsung said there is little surprise that most of their employees are based in South Korea where the company is headquartered. But the company also realizes that innovation is by no means geographically limited and as such, they are continuing to expand the extent of their operations elsewhere.

Big budget campuses are trending these days as Amazon, Apple and Nvidia are all planning to build new campuses in the coming years. Cupertino's proposed spaceship campus is estimated to cost upwards of $5 billion while Nvidia's new headquarters is said to rival Apple's in several aspects.

Samsung expects the new campus to be ready by mid-2015.