Take a moment to sort through the myriad implications of leaving our planet and explain why you would or wouldn't move off world. What are the social or environmental pressures that would convince you to leave? What technological advances would you insist humans achieve before you would consider it?

For example, average global temperatures will rise significantly by 2100, leading to rising sea levels, an increase in frequency and severity of extreme weather events, and severe droughts and water shortages. Some of these events are already happening, all of them together will make our planet quite uncomfortable to live on. If you're of the dying breed of climate change denialists, there's always the zombie apocolypse to consider, too.

Elon Musk wants to build an 80,000 person colony on Mars, and every year we get closer to making space travel accessible for private citizens.

Abigail Harrison, who goes by Astronaut Abby, wants to be the first astronaut on Mars. She likely has more conviction than many when it comes to saying goodbye to Mother Earth; how hard would it be for you?