Apple's reportedly been meeting with television network executives to sell them on their idea of what cable television should be. This time around, however, Cupertino is equipped with a new ad skipping technology that they hope will swoon providers into working with them.

Apple is pitching an ad skipping technology that would allow consumers to skip commercials according to people briefed on the conversations as reported by former Wall Street Journal tech writer Jessica Lessin. Apple chief Tim Cook and senior vice president Eddy Cue are said to have met with some media companies just a week ago to discuss the matter. We are even hearing that marketing chief Phil Schiller is now involved in the chats.

Unlike other devices such as the Hopper DVR from Dish, Apple would directly compensate television networks for the lost revenue (and then some, I'd imagine).

It's unclear exactly how Apple's technology would work as consumers have grown used to fast forwarding through commercials on their DVRs. And that is precisely why cable companies are even entertaining the idea in my opinion.

The ability to fast forward through commercials has changed the landscape of television advertising, even if providers are too stubborn to publically admit it. With Apple's idea, networks would be guaranteed to earn money - likely more than they are making with current models. Whether or not they are willing to break a system they've been entrenched in for many years remains to be seen.