Google is in the process of meeting with multiple media companies to pitch the idea of streaming live television programming over the Internet. Such a service would certainly put pressure on cable and satellite providers like Time Warner and DirecTV at a time when others like Intel are also testing the waters.

People with direct knowledge of the talks say no deals are imminent although with so many tech giants all chomping at the bits, something is bound to change sooner or later. But not everyone interested in revolutionizing television is taking the same approach.

According to sources, Apple is under the belief that they must partner with existing distributors to create a next generation television service. One of the reasons for that has to do with quality assurance, we're told. As such, an Apple television experience could ultimately boil down to little more than a user-friendly interface laid over top of your existing channel lineup.

Google, Intel and perhaps a couple other technology companies are looking to be bit more disruptive. One person said Google could end up just selling a library of TV shows much like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix already do but most others in the know say the search giant is pitching an easy-to-use subscription service that would deliver a bundle of live television channels and on-demand programming that would replace bundles from local cable and satellite providers.