A new video showcasing some second screen gameplay features that will be coming to the highly anticipated Battlefield 4 leaked this morning. Although it was briefly removed due to a copyright claim by EA, the footage has now been officially released, detailing a series of things people can do with Battlefield 4 Battlelog on their smartphones or tablets to complement their gaming experience, from accessing an interactive mini map, to finding and joining new servers. The game will even allow players to utilize real-time social statistical tools.

The game's producer Oskar Gabrielson says that the team was very focused on creating a fully integrated and deep tablet/smartphone experience for Battlefield 4. "People have their smartphones, they have their tablets, they have their computers next to them while they're playing, and we want to create the Battlefield where it can incorporate all these devices in the experience," Gabrielson said.

Players will be able to login to Battlelog from their mobile device anywhere to browse and customize equipment and load-outs, as well as see what their friends are currently playing.

The second screen features seem to shine even more during gameplay. As mentioned above, you can access an interactive mini map for a wider field of view than what you would normally get on your main display. It also really enhances the commander mode features, allowing players to drop attack points for their squad mates.

Another interesting addition mentioned in the video below is the new "Missions" feature. You can essentially create competitive challenges for yourself and your friends. For example, a 'Mission' could be to see who can destroy the most vehicles in a single round. Battlelog will then track the competitors' stats and send out notifications about who is currently in the lead.

Check out the full details in the video below. Battlefield 4 drops October 29 in the US and November 1 in the UK on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Versions for incoming next-generation consoles will be out this holiday season.