Some new interesting features hidden in the depths of Android 4.3 are starting to surface. According to Android Police, one such feature, called "App Ops," will allow users to have detailed control over the permissions and services apps will have access to. This looks to be Google's version of what iOS offers in its Settings app, but in some ways with even more granular control. It provides users with overviews that display what an app is accessing and when, essentially negating things like annoying location pings and unnecessary battery usage.

Additionally, there is evidence that we will also see permission management directly upon installation of an application.

The site says the app isn't quite ready to roll out yet, but that the feature is available within Android 4.3 right now along with a third party app that easily launches App Ops.

There have also been reports about lines of code hinting at 4K support on Android 4.3. While aren't likely to see mobile devices display this kind of resolution anytime soon, it is clear that Google is looking to the future here. Android Police suggests this kind of tech could be used for pushing super hi res content to the TV, but more likely as a marketing tool rather than a usable function.

Lastly, the classic Konami code will now work on Android from the Google Play Games app.

Image via Cnet