Yesterday, Bioshock creator Ken Levine took to Twitter to tease the reveal of the highly anticipated Bioshock Infinite DLC. We know now the add-on content will roll out in three separate parts, the first of which will be available today.

"We have a bit of a different approach than some people to DLC. When we started this, we really tried to listen to the fans and to us, the fans were clearly saying to us, 'Look, we want the A team on the DLC. We want the same team that did the actual game. We don't want it to be stuff that's on the disc. We don't want it to be stuff that some marketing guy came up with," Levine said at a press event yesterday

Clash in the Clouds, will be available on Steam at 12pm PST, on the Xbox 360 throughout the day and it will hit PSN tomorrow. The DLC essentially amounts to an arena based, horde-style mode with a strong focus on the game's core combat mechanics. It features 4 different maps inspired by environments from the main game: The Finkton Docks, Emporia, the Boardwalk and a city center area, all with the usual skylines and tears.

Each map will have have 15 encounters that include Motorized Patriots, Firemen, Handymen and more. In between encounters players can access weapon load-outs and the new story driven Columbia Archaeological Society, where you can spend cash earned in-game on concept art, character models and videos, among other things.

Lead level designer Forrest Dowling says Clash in the Clouds came from feedback on how much gamers loved the challenge of Infinite's 1999 mode, along with the desire to give players the complete toolset right from the start. "So I thought, maybe we can do something where we give the player the opportunity to just play with the full toolset, and all of the powers and upgrades and everything, and create far more challenging gameplay for them," Dowling said at the event. "So with that in mind, we gathered up the people really specialized in combat on Infinite and essentially told them the gloves were off, you guys can make whatever you want."

Although Clash in the Clouds may not be the kind of DLC most of us were hoping for from Infinite, worry not. Irrational has also revealed the next story driven add-on that will bring us back to Rapture. The first in the two part DLC is called Burial at Sea, which will have players taking the role of Booker DeWitt working as a private security guard for Andrew Ryan. As you can see in the video above, we will also get a chance to see Rapture in its beautiful and pristine state, before the events of Bioshock 1.

Burial at Sea will feature the same core gameplay mechanics from Infinite set in the sunken halls of Rapture. There will be plasmids, but they are drinkable unlike the syringe used in our initial romp through Rapture, something Levine says is fleshed out through the DLC's narrative.

All three bits of DLC are available through the $20 Bioshock Infinite Season Pass. Separately, Clash in the Clouds will run you $5, with Burial at Sea and the third add-on at $15 each.