It seems as though the hits just keep coming for Microsoft's next generation game console as it was recently revealed that a number of Xbox One features will be limited to Xbox Live Gold members only. Specifically, features like SmartMatch, Skype, Xbox One's TV Guide and perhaps most importantly, the Game DVR, won't be accessible unless you're a paying Live subscriber.

The restrictions were first reported by One Hit Pixel after they noticed them on an Xbox Live features page. A follow-up message with Microsoft confirmed the fact that Game DVR won't be available to non-Gold members.

The Game DVR feature looked promising from the outset as it would record gameplay in the background as you played. This video could then be uploaded to the web to share with others, similar to Sony's Share feature on the PlayStation 4. There are, however, a number of notable differences between the two platforms.

It was recently revealed that Microsoft's DVR implementation would be limited to just five minutes of record time. Furthermore, clips recorded on the Xbox One are limited to 720p quality at 30 frames per second. For comparison, Sony's solution allows a user to record up to 15 minutes of footage and isn't limited to paying customers.

Despite all of the limitations, missteps and changes of course, Microsoft isn't having much trouble with pre-orders as the console (as well as the PS4) continue to sell out at various online retailers. If you want a next-gen console this holiday season, you'd better reserve one sooner rather than later as they'll likely be sold out very soon until early next year.