Bebo, the social network that was quite popular in 2007, has been left unused after users flocked to Facebook in the following years. In 2008 the site was sold to AOL for $850 million, a deal so atrocious it eventually cost then AOL CEO Randy Falco his job; in the years to follow, the site saw rapidly declining traffic, AOL attempted to get rid of it, and eventually the original owner bought it back for just $1 million.

Now, Bebo founder Michael Birch has announced that big plans are in the works to bring the network back from the dead. He is looking to wipe the slate completely clean, saying that the new Bebo will be "very different" from the old one. Birch added the new site will be less 'cocky', referring to the often genital-ridden whiteboard feature of the old service.

Anyone who's interested in the new Bebo can head to the site to reserve an early access spot using an "email address you actually check". For others who might want their old Bebo photos and blog posts back, the site will also tell you when those will be available to download in a couple of months time.

While not much is being shared about how the new Bebo will function and what it will look like, it seems that entertainment will be a big part of the revamped network, again not unlike the original.