Google is expected to release a new version of its Nexus smartphone later this year and as usual it's commissioning one of its OEM partners for the job. Although a number of reports have speculated about LG following up on the Nexus 4 with a new G2 based model, it looks like Motorola might step in instead. According to AndroidAndMe founder Taylor Wimberly the device is coming in Q4 and it won't be a rebadge of the Moto X.

There's really nothing more to the rumour at this point except that the timing makes sense given the Nexus 4 was announced in October 2012. But several sites are pointing out that Wimberly has a solid track record after accurately reporting early info on the device that would eventually become the Moto X.

The fact that Google owns Motorola and has long claimed it's not giving it any preferential treatment compared to the rest of its partners might raise some eyebrows. But it definitely wouldn't be the first time we see Google switching up partners for Nexus devices – Samsung, HTC, and LG have all made the devices in the past.

Other have also expressed concern that a Motorola-made Nexus would come too quick on the heels of the Moto X, potentially cannibalising sales of the long awaited device. But the Nexus has never been about massive sales; rather Google has opted for a direct sales model and either downplayed or avoided carrier partnerships to deliver a 'pure' Android experience free of carrier or OEM modifications, with timely updates.

We just hope they're able to avoid supply issues this time around as well.

As for the successor to last year's Nexus 10 large-sized tablet, reports that Google will also be switching partners and has commissioned Asus to build the device. That directly contradicts an earlier report quoting Google's Sundar Pichai as saying a new Samsung made Nexus 10 was coming in the near future, though given the company has already worked with Asus on both generations of the Nexus 7 it may be that they're looking to consolidate their tablet operations with the Taiwanese OEM.