Google's Chromecast is primed to be one of the better media sharing solutions on the market, especially once third party developers starting implementing Chromecast streaming directly in to their apps.

Fortunately, those who just can't wait for that to happen won't have to.  Developer Koushik Dutta has been hard at work on mods over the last couple weeks that will enable Chromecast sharing through existing apps. Now the developer, known as Koush, has posted a video of the mod in action.

Chromecast sold out in stores quick, no doubt helped by its affordable $35 price tag. But there is a good chance many consumers didn't consider the fact that it will only be streaming video from Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, or a Chrome tab at this point. Well, at least initially anyway. We have heard that Pandora and HBO Go along with Vimeo and Verizon are all planning to support Chromecast natively in the future.

Koush initially revealed several different work arounds, but has just recently began posting about the fully integrated version. He is one of the developers responsible for CyanogenMod and has now built the Chromecast streaming functionality right into the ROM.

Like you would imagine, an icon now appears in Koush's notification tray that allows for audio and video streaming directly to a TV. He says that the mod will work with any app that was built on the Android MediaPlayer API and running on CyanogenMod.

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