Google's monthly Glass software update for the month of August is said to make the augmented reality visor a bit more robust as it injects Glass with voice command support for third party apps, giving users the ability to add commands for these services to the main menu.

The first two apps to take advantage of this new feature are Evernote and Path. The note taking and archiving app will recognize the voice command "take a note" while the Path application for Glass will now respond to the phrase "post an update." This is just the beginning, Google notes, as users will soon be able to use voice commands to trigger all sorts of services.

The search giant also added several more Google Now cards to Glass. These are described as helpful notes containing information you might need, even before you ask. Swiping backwards on Glass' touchpad will now reveal information like reminders about dinner or hotel reservations, concerts you plan to attend, movie times and ticketing information and even extreme weather alerts.

Watching video clips you've recorded using Glass or those on CNN's app will now be a more pleasant experience as well. With the update, Glass users can now tap the touch panel on the side of the headset to pause, play and swipe to fast forward or rewind clips - basic functionality that was noticeably absent up to this point.

Google said the monthly update will be automatically rolled out over the next couple days.