AMD has taken the wraps off a new Never Settle 'Forever' rewards program, giving customers a choice of what free games they want with their graphics card purchase. The new system allows considerably more freedom than AMD's previous plan, Never Settle Reloaded, which included a fixed selection of games with each GPU sold.

New to Never Settle Forever is a tiered system that gifts GPU buyers up to three games, depending on the rewards level their GPU purchase falls under. The Gold reward tier allows you to choose three free games from a selection of ten; Silver gives you two games out of nine; and Bronze gifts you one game from seven.

The Radeon Rewards tiers are essentially split by graphics card series: Gold for HD 7900 cards, Silver for HD 7800 cards, and Bronze for HD 7700 cards (excluding the 7730 and 7750). One notable exclusion from the rewards system is AMD's dual-GPU HD 7990, but don't worry too much, as the $700 card still comes with a voucher to redeem eight free games.

Coupons for the Never Settle Forever program will be included either digitally or in the box with eligible graphics cards. Customers have until December 31, 2013 to redeem their free games, and the coupons don't need to be redeemed immediately. This means that if the current selection doesn't appeal to their interests, gamers can hold on to their coupons until more desirable titles are added.

Unfortunately, this new program sees two major titles from 2013 - BioShock: Infinite and Crysis 3 - removed from the selection of games offered. Only two titles from the new selection have been released this year, Tomb Raider and DmC, making the bundles slightly less valuable. That said, AMD has announced that Battlefield 4 will eventually be included in the promotion, so it might be worth holding on to reward coupons until later in the year.