Rockstar revealed the debut premiere trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online today. Players will be robbing banks, knocking off liquor stores, playing golf and parachuting with 15 of their friends in the "first ever persistent and dynamic Grand Theft Auto game world," according to Rockstar. GTA Online is set to launch on October 1, two weeks after Grand Theft Auto V releases.

GTA Online will share the same geography and gameplay mechanics as GTA V but will expand over time to include new content from Rockstar and the GTA community. Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies said that it's "a different entity, a separate thing, and it'll grow on its own. It'll be GTA Online; it's not part of GTA V. Obviously it's set in the GTA V engine, but it's going to grow and evolve into its own thing."

Initially it will work like this: Remember that character wheel we saw in the GTA V gameplay footage that will allow us to select and switch between the three main protagonist in-game? Well, we now know that the fourth, open slot will house your GTA Online identity. When GTA Online launches there will be a small download according to Rockstar, and then your online character will become available.

Like we mentioned briefly above, players will be able to fully explore the sandbox with their friends or just go at it alone and see who you bump into. You can even go on more elaborate, single player-like missions together and participate in the standard multiplayer modes.

None of Michael, Franklin and Trevor's stat upgrades or character customization will cross over to your online character, there is a completely separate character creation tool for your online persona. In fact, Benzies says the online component is actually set slightly before the events of GTA V. 

For more details check out the premiere trailer above and head over to the official GTA Online section of the site.