Time Warner Cable customers in select markets now have a temporary solution to the unresolved dispute between the cable provider and CBS that has left millions without access to the popular network. In a blog post on the subject, TWC reminds everyone that blacked-out broadcast stations remain available over the air and most households can receive the signals with the right equipment.

As of today, customers in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Los Angeles/Desert Cities, New York City, plus Milwaukee and Green Bay in Wisconsin can pick up a basic indoor over-the-air antenna free of charge from local TWC retail locations while supplies last. Alternately, the cable provider partnered with Best Buy in those cities to provide a $20 coupon toward the purchase of any in-stock broadcast antenna at the retailer.

Most with a newer television should be good to go with a simple over-the-air antenna provided you can pick up a strong signal. The FCC's website is a good place to start to check OTA signal strength in your area as obstructions like buildings, mountains and water can all be detrimental to reception.

In the event that you have an older television without a digital tuner, you'll also need an over-the-air digital converter box. Unfortunately TWC isn't providing a converter box or a discount on said box. These can be had for around $40 or more at a number of electronics retailers, however.

Despite the free antenna, TWC reminds customers that they aren't responsible for the installation or performance of any antennas.