Time Warner Cable offers free OTA antenna to customers affected by CBS blackout

Shawn Knight

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Time Warner Cable customers in select markets now have a temporary solution to the unresolved dispute between the cable provider and CBS that has left millions without access to the popular network. In a blog post on the subject, TWC...

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Friend in Fountain Valley, CA has Time Warner cable and he says he gets CBS. Is it only blacked out in certain cities?


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Which is nice if you are in somewhat of a range for the crappy digital signal. Before the switch from analog to digital over the air, you could use "rabbit ears" or a small outside antenna to pick up a signal in a rural area, or in a heavy high rise building area. Even if you were on a fringe area, and the signal wasn't perfect, you could still watch the station. With digital, that all changed. The range is considerably less, and there isn't any such thing as fringe. You either have a signal, or nothing. The moving of low band VHF and high band VHF television in the USA from analog to digital was because the stupid government wanted to sell that band space or use it themselves. Oh well, with the crappy content on television these days, you aren't missing much, plus, cable has died, they just haven't pulled the plug yet.