How many times have you heard the dreaded "beep" of your phone, warning you that you have only a few minutes of battery life left? We've all been there, and generally the solution is to either charge your phone at the nearest outlet or turn it off and conserve the precious few minutes of power it has left. Today we're going to review a third option: the Ontrion LifeCharge Pack with LED light.

The LifeCharge Pack is a small device that packs a 4500mAh battery. That size is three times larger than the rated power for Apple's iPhone 5, and twice as large as the Samsung Galaxy S3. Based on the specs, the device should allow a user to run their phone for days without needing to plug into a fixed power source, although we don't recommend using this as anything more than a stopgap for a tablet like the iPad or Kindle Fire.

The device looks slick with a glossy piano black top and bottom and a chrome band around the middle. The charger has only a single button on the top, a micro USB port on the side to charge it, and a regular USB port on another side to charge other devices. There's also an LED next to the regular USB port to use as a makeshift flashlight.

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