Microsoft IllumiRoom, the proof-of-concept technology that uses an array of Kinect sensors and projectors to envelop gamers in the on-screen action, will likely never be sold to consumers. First shown off at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the device has been deemed too expensive for the average consumer.

During a recent chat with Ausgamer at Gamescom 2013, Xbox One director of product planning Albert Penello said he wouldn't expect gamers to see it. He pointed out it was super neat if you're in the lab and you have Microsoft money to set it all up, but it'd cost thousands of dollars for the average consumer to own.

True enough, I could see some diehard gamers throwing down a few hundred bucks for the visual experience but a few thousand is pretty much out of the question. The problem isn't with the technology itself or even the Kinect sensors required but rather the expensive projectors needed to paint a room with gameplay.

As is the case with a number of prototype designs, this one is probably better left for the lab. Of course, it's not a total bust either, as Microsoft could very well use some elements of IllumiRoom in future products - both for the Xbox One and in other areas.

What did you think of IllumiRoom? Would you have paid a couple hundred dollars for it or is it better off as a proof of concept for now?