Alleged images of Apple's upcoming budget-minded iPhone 5C recently hit the web. The leaked photos specifically show the plastic packaging that Apple will use for a rainbow of colored handsets including pink, white, yellow, green and blue.

The words iPhone 5C are clearly shown in the leaked photos which appear to have been taken at a warehouse or manufacturing line. Accompanying photos reveal what appears to be a Quick Start guide as well as a SIM card tray ejection tool. This looks to be the same type of tool that is supplied with current iPhones in some countries.

The iPhone 5C (the "C" believed to stand for Color) is the low-cost smartphone that analysts have been speculating on for years. Rumors suggest it carries a plastic shell, lower-spec hardware and more importantly, a lower price tag.

Some believe the iPhone 5C could retail for between $349 and $399 without a carrier subsidy. For reference, the iPhone 5 currently starts at $649 unlocked and contract free for a 16GB model. No word yet on what sort of hardware the cheaper handset will carry, however.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the iPhone 5S as well as the cheaper iPhone 5C during a special event on September 10. That date hasn't been made official yet but all signs at this point suggest that is the date to circle on your calendar. Many believe the handsets will launch a little more than a week later on September 20.