Qualcomm is now taking pre-orders for their just-unveiled smartwatch. Much like other watches already on the market, the Toq isn't a standalone device but rather works as a companion device alongside your smartphone to quickly read text messages, e-mails, calendar reminders and other alerts.

The device will run Qualcomm's own operating system and uses their low-power mirasol display. The display is key to the device as it's similar to e-ink screens in that it can be viewed in direct sunlight but is able to produce vivid colors that refresh quick enough for video. To consolidate space and make the device as thin as possible, Qualcomm elected to house the battery in the clasp of the watch band.

We're told the battery will power the device for about five days under normal use or three days under heavy use - much better than the 25 hours of uptime with the Galaxy Gear. The mirasol display is largely responsible for the great battery life but the 200MHz Cortex M3 processor also plays a key role. Recharges are handled wirelessly via the included charging dock.

Toq will initially only work with Android handsets but the team is considering extending support to iOS, too. It'll be available in white and black at launch with an option for Bluetooth headphones as well. The Toq will be priced around $300 when it launches on October 10 but don't expected to see them in large quantities. That's because Qualcomm is only making a limited number of smartwatches - in the tens of thousands - to showcase what their technology is capable of.