If you’re concerned that Microsoft may be positioning the Xbox One as more of an entertainment device than a video game console, the system’s first television commercial to air in North America won’t help you feel any more at ease. That’s because the 30-second spot doesn’t showcase a single second of gaming action.

Instead, the advertisement focuses on several other features of the console including watching live sports, voice control, fantasy football integration with customizable highlights and Skype. Specifically, the commercial keys in on Microsoft’s partnership with the National Football League which is even more evident by its timely arrival on the same day the NFL season kicks off.

Positioning the Xbox One as an all-around media device isn’t a surprise really as Microsoft basically revealed as much from the get-go. The system will feature full voice and gesture support thanks to a revised Kinect sensor and the ability to watch live television as it essentially will replace your cable or satellite set-top box complete with a custom guide that looks worlds better than anything your cable provider offers.

The $499.99 Xbox One will be available starting November 22, a full week before the PlayStation 4 is launched in most markets. The lone exception is in North America where Sony will have a one week jump on the Xbox One and a $100 lower price point.