Motorola's Moto Maker - the portal used to create a personalized Moto X smartphone and have it delivered to your front door in just a few days - is no doubt a step forward as far as customization is concerned and it might not end with smartphones.

The company has a reputable track record in the tablet business with products like the pioneering Xoom and Xyboard so why couldn't Motorola build a follow-up tablet and market it through Moto Maker? According to CEO Dennis Woodside, Motorola is indeed working on another tablet but he declined to delve into any specifics.

A Moto Maker tablet certainly makes sense given how passionate Woodside and other top Motorola brass are that customization is the future. But is it really something customers would be interested in purchasing? I'm not sure.

A customized smartphone is one thing as it's a device that users have with them virtually everywhere they go. A unique phone helps some express their own uniqueness and creativity but with a tablet (a device that's largely used at home), I'm not so sure buyers would be willing to pay a premium for something with a splash of color or a custom engraving.

There's also a whole other side of the customization story that many have neglected to mention thus far: resale value. Pimping out a device with wildly contrasting colors may appeal to the original owner but it's going to be difficult to hock a lime green phone with pink accents on the second-hand market, but I digress.