HTC has laid off 20 percent of their workforce in the US as part of an effort to streamline and optimize their organization and improve efficiencies following years of what they call aggressive growth. The division was home to around 150 employees and contractors which means roughly 30 of them are now among the unemployed.

The Verge obtained a letter from Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC America, where he noted the day was the most difficult during his career at HTC but the stark reality is that their business results aren’t where they want them to be. Mackenzie did promise to treat outgoing employees with the respect they deserve and provide them with resources to help bridge the gap as they hunt down a new job.

HTC has had a pretty tough go of it lately but they aren’t giving up. Their flagship HTC One smartphone is one of the best on the market and a new ad campaign featuring Robert Downey Jr. has been well-received thus far. The problem, according to insiders, has to do with CEO Peter Chou. These insiders claim Chou’s history of making quick decisions was once a strength for the company but is now becoming a weak point as there is no clear direction when looking to the future.

An official statement from HTC said the layoffs were a necessary step to achieve their long-term goals as a business and return maximum value to shareholders. Realigning human resources will let them advance into a new stage of growth and innovation.