Last month it was revealed that Nvidia would offer Batman: Arkham Origins free with select GeForce graphics card purchases. We were told at the time the game would take advantage of a number of technologies including PhsyX effects and now we have some visuals to show off what gamers can expect come October 25.

In the tech demo embedded below, we can see Batman has an all-new cape that uses PhysX technology. The narrator notes how it makes him look much more realistic. Elsewhere we are shown how the environment is affected by PhysX-powered fog that reacts realistically to the motions of the characters in the scene.

As The Tech Report points out, however, the video isn't a great representation of what we will see when rendering the game on our own machines. Even with the YouTube video running at 720p, the footage looks a bit washed out and the textures appear to be lacking. Video compression may or may not be the culprit here.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that, while the fog and particle effects do look really neat, they often only serve as distractions when I'm playing a game. I prefer to have a clearer view of the world around me rather than have it masked by smoke or fog or some other environmental effect that takes away from me having the upper hand.

What says you? Do you like to play games with all of these environmental effects enabled or would you rather have those bits of eye candy disabled for higher overall FPS / a clearer view?