Apple is set to launch iOS 7 tomorrow, and now the company is showing some extended support for those with older iOS devices. Users with older devices can now easily download a back dated version of an app from the last time it was compatible with their device.

First posted over on Reddit, when you go to download and install a version of an app that is not supported by your current hardware, Apple will now prompt you with a handy pop-up that directs you to the last supported version of said app.

Some of the back dated versions of these apps can be as much as a year old, according to reports. The Reddit user was trying install Instagram on his 2nd generation iPod touch when he was prompted by Apple with the new compatibility message (seen to the right). Other reports confirmed the Reddit user's findings, claiming to have successfully installed old versions of Instagram and Twitter on an iPhone 3GS and 3G respectively, by way of Apple's new prompt.

Some have suggested this could also be to prepare for new features that are coming to popular applications only being supported by the newer and newest iPhones. Although it is highly likely that the newest versions of these apps will have features that are not supported by older iOS devices, the new "latest version" prompt from Apple should negate confusion and incompatibility issues.