This weekend was supposed to be a shining moment among the recent sea of negativity for BlackBerry. Looking past the job cuts and restructuring for a moment, BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS was scheduled to launch this past weekend but it never happened.

According to a post on BlackBerry's official blog from Luke Reimer, those plans are being put on hold for now - not because of anything BlackBerry did or didn't do, but because an unreleased version of BBM for Android found its way online ahead of launch. Apparently more than 1.1 million people got their hands on the app within the first eight hours which caused a lot of behind-the-scenes problems for the Canadian handset maker.

BlackBerry said they have been working around the clock to get their ducks in a row but until that happens, they are pausing the global rollout of BBM for Android and iPhone. Customers that already have the iPhone app (it launched early in some regions) can continue to use it. The unreleased Android app will be disabled, however.

BBM for Android and iOS was first announced during the BlackBerry Live conference in May. The plan at that time was to release the apps free of charge this summer. Given this delay, however, BlackBerry has now missed that deadline as September 22 was the first official day of autumn.

Moving forward, BlackBerry said they will begin a staggered country rollout as soon as they are able to. Those interested in keeping up with the rollout are encouraged to sign up for updates on BlackBerry's website and follow them on Twitter.