Today's device appears to be a very similar to the early prototype and comes with a Vita-like standard controller set up. You get a D-pad, 4 face buttons and two shoulder triggers as well as an opening for the iPhone's rear camera. We can clearly see a much more retail ready product this time around, but if this actually is a real device, some have suggested the design could still change between now and when it actually hits store shelves. Earlier reports also suggested the likleyhood of iPad ready devices as well.

Even though mobile gamepads haven't been all that popular among users, there are certainly some hardcore iOS games that would benefit from the more precise control physical buttons provide.

Apple doesn't appear to be developing its own controller from what we know. Many are expecting to see a number of different controller options on the way with the third party gamepad support. Details previously surfaced regarding Apple partnering with not only Logitech but also mobile gaming hardware developer MOGA as well.