I have always had a love-hate relationship with the Grand Theft Auto franchise, on one hand the beautiful open world and sense of freedom has always intrigued me--on the other its the game that always failed to live up to my expectations. The stiff character control, boring side missions and what always felt like extremely dated shooting/melee mechanics, have always kept me from latching on to the series.

With so much hype behind GTA V, I had high hopes that it would be the Grand Theft Auto game to really win me over, and so far it has. With about 65% of the story mode completed (I haven't delved into GTA Online just yet), I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed, and am finding it much easier to get into. The greatly improved shooting mechanics, along with the lack of boring courier type missions are major factors for me, not to mention a greater focus on the stand-out, main missions. Sure the character movement and control is still a little sluggish feeling to me for some reason, but I guess Rockstar gets a pass like it always has, right?

For this week's open forum, we're wondering what your thoughts on Rockstar's latest offering are and how you feel about the progression of the series as whole. With so much anticipation from the gaming community and well over $1 billion in sales, does GTA V have what it takes to live up to your expectations?