Yahoo Mail is celebrating its Sweet 16 birthday and you’re invited. To honor the occasion, Yahoo is offering users a wealth of new Mail features across the desktop, Android and iOS – many of which were previously only available in the $19.99-per-year Mail Plus version according to a post on Yahoo’s official Tumblr.

Now-free features include disposable e-mail addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding. What’s more, Yahoo is upping the amount of storage per account to 1TB.

Elsewhere, the redesign includes a new Conversations view for those that prefer to view messages grouped in threads. Yahoo notes that being able to see a full conversation in a single view could save you a bit of time.

Yahoo also made common tasks even easier. For example, activities like searching, starring and deleting are now one-click actions that appear when you hover over a message. Additionally, the left toolbar is now collapsible to give you more real estate when working on incoming or outgoing e-mails.

Last but not least, Yahoo is rolling out visually rich themes, some of which are curated Flickr photos. The themes will work across all platforms, so if you add a new look to your desktop, it’ll automatically appear across all your devices.

The updated Yahoo Mail is available in English in the US, Canada, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa with more countries and languages coming soon. The mobile apps are available globally today on iOS, Android and Windows 8, we’re told.