Wondering if Rovio still has what it takes to create a massively successful mobile game? We'll find out soon enough as the company just released a gameplay trailer for its latest title: Angry Birds Go. A teaser trailer surfaced back in the spring which tipped us off that they might be preparing a Temple Run-type game or even a racing title.

Turns out, the latter guess was correct as Angry Birds Go is a kart racer loosely modeled after Nintendo's Mario Kart franchise. The game features all of the familiar Angry Birds characters (both birds and pigs) in a mad downhill dash. Players will be able to upgrade their karts and earn special powers to help lead them to victory. There will also be a host of modes and features available to gamers right from the get-go, Rovio says.

Astute viewers may have noticed this is the first Angry Birds game in 3D and those that have played Bad Piggies will likely have noticed several crossovers from that title like the various propulsion systems used to move the karts along.

Angry Birds Go will be available free of charge for Android, BlackBerry 10, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices starting December 11. As is the new trend in mobile apps, expect a healthy infusion of micro-transactions when it arrives. What's more, the title will also be compatible with Hasbor's Telepods which lets consumers unlock new characters and vehicles simply by scanning real-life toys.