About the only thing I can see that's wrong with this diabolical plot is the fact suckers have to download an 18GB torrent before the malware is unleashed. Otherwise, there's a bogus torrent of Grand Theft Auto V's nonexistent PC version that's claimed several victims of late.P

It bears mentioning one should not download this. But as none of us would ever do something this dumb, it's fun to have a laugh, right? The site WCCFTech reports that the thing comes with a legit-looking installer and a realistic 18 GB setup file. Once a user gets to the registration window, users are sent to a page where they are forced to perform surveys in order to get the key.P

Malware that exploits a popular game is a time-honored trick, even if the game hasn't been released yet. (Google Titanfall PC Torrent and you'll get rickrolled). This one sticks out because of the effort victims have to put forth in getting the malware. Cognitive dissonance up the wazzoo, I guess, is why they do it. You google "GTA V PC Torrent" and you find sites with people complaining about slow download speeds in the comments. This thing even has a Facebook page, which went up on August 1. Seems legit.P

While everyone is speculating that a GTA V version for PC is a matter of when, not if, for now such a thing exists only in the minds of half-a-zillion petition signers.

Republished with permission.