Apple has released a somewhat significant update for iOS 7 that adds iCloud Keychain support among other various bug fixes. The feature was originally showcased at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference back in June and was slated to come baked into iOS 7 when it was released last month but for whatever reason, it was MIA.

iCloud Keychain is a data management tool that allows users to securely store sensitive information like account names, passwords and credit / debit card numbers across all approved devices. The service can auto-fill this data into fields on websites visited through Safari and will even suggest longer and more secure passwords in the event existing passwords aren't up to snuff.

Other changes include an update to the lock screen to delay the display of "slide to unlock" when using Touch ID and the return of the ability to search the web and Wikipedia via Spotlight. iMessage receives a number of bug fixes like one that prevented iMessage from activating and another where messages failed to send for some users.

Addressing recent concerns over motion sickness reports from animations in the OS, Apple now allows users to further reduce the motion effects. The zooming effect when switching between apps is replaced with a more basic cross fade effect. Improvements have also been made to the accelerometer calibration, we're told.

The update weighs in at 92.8MB for iPhone 5s users; I assume it'd be similar for other iPhone and iPad users but that's just speculation.