iOS 7.0.3 update delivers iCloud Keychain support, addresses iMessage bugs

Shawn Knight

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Apple has released a somewhat significant update for iOS 7 that adds iCloud Keychain support among other various bug fixes. The feature was originally showcased at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference back in June and was slated to come baked into...

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Apple is currently quick with new updates because the OS 7 wasn't ready for prime time for 5S. On iPhone 5, however, it worked fine all the way.

They do not do it because this new feature being added, they do it because the OS is too buggy.

This is a very strange decision to deactivate animations because 1% of users can't handle it. They were supposed to just add a switch off option.


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Apple needs to die as a company. They are a bloated cash cow for their upper management. It is too bad people can't see how they are getting screwed by this worthless company.


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It was 76mb on my iPhone 5, they didn't mention anything about one of the more annoying issues though, the fact that you cannot control music playback from the control center 95% of the time! it's really annoying when your in the car and you just want to skip a single track and it just doesn't work, you have to actually unlock your phone and bring up the music app. So annoying!

Apart from that though I'm actually quite enjoying iOS7, was a genuine update that improved quite a few aspects of the OS that annoyed me personally.


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They haven't switched off the animations. There is an option in accessibility called "reduce motion". Previously it stopped the wallpapers moving as you tilted the phone and now it also switches the zooming animation as you switch between apps for a fade instead. I prefer it, my missus prefers it and the guy at work with an iPhone prefers it. It's very welcome.