The SlingPlayer Mobile app for iOS now supports AirPlay meaning users can stream live television directly to Apple's set-top box. The feature could be useful in the event you want to stream content from one TV in your home to another without needing a second set-top box from your cable or satellite provider or if you have a friend or family member willing to share their cable subscription.

The new feature is fully compatible with Slingbox 500, Slingbox 350, Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox SOLO units which is nice considering you aren't required to have the very latest model. It'll work fully with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, we're told.

In related SlingMedia news, the company also announced that Blockbuster On Demand is now available for the Slingbox 500 as part of a just-released firmware and client software update. Through the Over the Top (OTT) video service, customers will be able to search, browse, view trailers and rent premium movies in HD quality through their Blockbuster On Demand account.

Furthermore, an update to the My Media section on the Slingbox 500 now allows users to attach a USB storage drive to their placeshifting device. Any videos and photos stored on the attached drive can be accessed using the SlingPlayer client software on a PC or Mac while on the go. Android and iOS support is said to be coming soon, SlingMedia said.

If you haven't received the firmware update already, you can do so manually by visiting About > Firmware Version > Check Updates.