Yesterday, Google announced that it was expanding the Explorer program and that existing Glass owners would be eligible to a one-time hardware exchange. The swap will let owners trade-in their existing device for the upgraded model. While at that time the company wasn't prepared to give us a look at the new version, today Google has dropped some images of its revised eyewear.

Information on the new models is still thin, we know they will support "future lines of shades and prescription frames" for those who wear glasses, and that Google has put aside the bone conduction audio in favor of a mono earbud.

Today's images don't appear to show off anything more than the new earbud option, which plugs into the device's micro USB port and embellished with the Glass logo. At this point Google has been been fairly quiet about any other revisions made in the new model. Beta testers are expected to go hands on soon, so it likely won't be long until more information surfaces.

Glass is still expected to become available for consumers sometime next year at a much more affordable price than the $1500 Google is currently asking.