After Google's Chromecast flew off the shelves at launch, customers soon became a little frustrated with its lack of third party support. Google has been promising additional app support for a while now and today the internet's biggest radio service Pandora, has made its way on to the platform.

The latest update to the Pandora app for iOS and Android brings the "Cast" functionality, allowing Chromecast owners to stream Pandora content to their living room set-ups, with the ability to use a smartphone or tablet as a controller. According to reports, the Pandora casting will work on iPhone and Android devices, but iPad support is still scheduled as coming soon.

While Pandora was already technically available on your big screen through gaming consoles and its dedicated TV platform, Chromecast is just another way for the internet radio service to extend its reach into the living room even deeper. Pandora's chief technical officer Tom Conrad said in a statement that by "integrating Google Cast technology into our mobile apps, users now have another easy access point to a better listening experience from the biggest screen in their living room."

The amount of apps that support the $35 Chromecast is expected to grow as time goes on. It originally supported Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Netflix and YouTube, later adding Hulu, and now Pandora to its lineup. "It's only been a few months since launch, and we've since added Hulu Plus support, but the number of supported apps will only continue to grow as more developers bring their apps to Chromecast," said a Google representative.

Not only did the Chromecast have a very successful launch, it is still very popular among consumers today as the top selling electronics item on Amazon, making it very likely that developer support will widen as time goes on. Google's mini streaming dongle is currently in stock at Amazon, Best Buy and the Google Play Store. If you've already got one, you can start streaming Pandora content with the new update, which is now live in the App Store and on Google Play.