Google is enlisting developers to take a crack at its new Glassware Development Kit. The company sent out invitations on Wednesday, inviting developers to a hackathon that will take place in San Francisco on November 19th and 20th. According to Cnet, seating spaces are limited, meaning it could be very difficult to call ahead and reserve any spots. The invite reads as follows: 

"We'd like to give you a first look at the next phase of the Glass Developer Platform during an exclusive, two-day hackathon in San Francisco. Not to worry if you don't live near San Francisco. The announcement will be recorded and we'll share the video after the event."

This isn't the first time Google hosts a hackathon for Google Glass. Prior to releasing the Explorer Edition prototypes back in April, the company hosted two such events in San Francisco and New York City. There isn't much information pertaining to exactly what developers will get access to, but this is the first time that individuals will get a peek at the Glassware Development Kit, as well as a broader glimpse into the Google Glass project. 

For anyone unfamiliar, Google Glass is the company's leap into the world of wearable technology. The glasses will allow users to get directions, chat, take photos, record videos, and look up information on the web via a small built in screen. Analysts expect to see the spectacles hit store shelves sometime during next year.