At AMD's APU13 developer conference, the company unveiled new details about their upcoming Kaveri APU, the successor to this year's Richland line. AMD announced that the desktop Kaveri parts, using the FM2+ socket, will be available from January 14th, 2014 following extra information at CES 2014.

The top-end Kaveri SKU will come with four CPU cores based on the Steamroller architecture, which is AMD's latest for desktop parts, alongside a GCN 1.1-based GPU. The GPU will feature eight compute units for 512 stream processors, putting the specifications on par with a mid-to-low-range Radeon HD 7750.

AMD claims the flagship APU - the A10-7850K with a 3.7 GHz CPU and 720 MHz GPU - will offer 856 GFLOPS of performance (from the CPU and GPU combined). Furthermore, a demo revealed that the Kaveri-based APU was capable of running Battlefield 4 at medium settings, achieving around 30 frames per second; faster than the Intel Core i7-4770K and Nvidia GeForce GT 630 combo it was up against.

Also, it was confirmed that both TrueAudio (AMD's dedicated DSP for in-game audio processing) and the low-level Mantle API will be supported by new Kaveri chips, which is great news for buyers in the market for a cheap gaming PC.

At this stage there aren't any details on what the Kaveri APUs will cost, but expect more details at CES 2014 at the start of next year.