AMD details Kaveri APU, will launch on January 14th


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At AMD's APU13 developer conference, the company unveiled new details about their upcoming Kaveri APU, the successor to this year's Richland line. AMD announced that the desktop Kaveri parts, using the FM2+ socket, will be available from January 14th, 2014...

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Maximum Payne

TS Rookie
I don't know for you , but I am super exited.
Is it possible somehow to figure it out how much cpu (steamroller) has been improved ?


TS Evangelist
And it will be released 2 days after my birthday seems like a new 500$ rig to me for experimenting

PC nerd

TS Booster
So much power stuffed into a little package. You'd never believe this was possible 10 years ago.


TS Evangelist
Thats pretty good, at that power of a on Die GPU, thats going to blow the mid range market wide open. Kinda anxious for this chip to see if the CPU is up to par to match the built in GPU.

Jad Chaar

Elite Techno Geek
Equivalent to a 7750? Talk about awesome. I am kind of pissed off because this thing is getting close to surpassing my laptops GPU performance on BF4 xD!


But remember that while Richland has over 856GFLOPs, it is based on the VLIW architecture which is very hard to untap all that compute performance due to the superscalar nature of that. That explains why for example, the HD 7870 is able to match and outperform the HD 6970 while having less theorical compute performance and less core processors.


I would like to see this APU X-fired with the R series Cards.. :D Monster!