All you bargain hunters out there are probably already familiar with something called "The Humble Bundle," which offers games and digital products on a Pay What You Want (PWYW) basis. The kicker here is that part of the bundle proceeds go to charity, making you both a money-saver and a philanthropist.

Launched today, the Humble Store is an extenuation of the Humble Bundle, and rather than offering one large bundle every once in a while, it'll offer smaller deals on individual games everyday. These deals move quickly, so you'll need to be "on the ball" so to speak if you want to grab yourself some fun indie titles.

Just like the Humble Bundle, the Humble Store offers charitable donations. The split sees 10% of each game sale put towards different charities, 75% goes to the game's creator, and the remaining 15% percent for Humble itself. Games offered in the Humble Store are not on a PWYW basis, and have set prices.

There are some great deals here, and although it's not packed with blockbuster hits like you'll see in the average Steam sale or in a Humble Bundle, you'll still get access to some great sleeper hits and some monumental indie entertainment. Some recent sales include Natural Selection II for $6.25 (retail $24.99), Orcs Must Die II: Complete Pack for $6.25 (retail $24.99), and Gunpoint for $4.99 (retail $9.99). Keep in mind that all of these games must be unlocked through Steam, so you'll need the application downloaded and installed to play. 

Today marks the store's debut, and as of 12:30 PM EST, the company has already raked in over $100,000 for charity. So do your part, get some games, and feel great about doing it by visiting the Humble Store.