There's no doubt that Motorola had high expectations for the Moto X during the development phase and even more so after its launch. Billed as the first truly customizable smartphone, users would line up in droves to get their hands on one, right? Well, not exactly.

Despite releasing a solid all-around device that is the most customizable phone on the market by far, the Moto X unfortunately hasn't translated into record-breaking sales. In fact, sales are pretty dismal according to market research firm Strategy Analytics. The firm estimates that Motorola has only sold roughly 500,000 handsets since going up for sale this past August.

At that rate, many continue to question Google's decision to purchase Motorola's mobility arm for $12.5 billion in May 2012. What's even more puzzling is the fact that the search giant continues to utilize other companies (LG) for their flagship smartphones (Nexus 5) when they have Motorola at their disposal.

Some believe the Moto X debuted at too high of a price given its middle-of-the-road hardware specifications and limiting customization to AT&T customers initially. Also, being assembled in the US is no doubt more costly than overseas production, but I digress.

There's still hope on the horizon, however, as Motorola will launch the cheaper Moto G today. Furthermore, the recent expansion of the Moto Maker program to other carriers could certainly boost sales this holiday season - especially among youth that may value a colorful handset over something more powerful, sleeker or cheaper.