The Motorola Moto X comes with some interesting customizations, allowing customers to alter the color scheme of the device as well as engrave whatever they like on the back, among other things. Normally only available through AT&T in the US, Motorola has announced that the customization options can now be had through Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

There are thousands of possible combinations available through the Moto Maker online customization tool, and now customers across all the major US carriers will be able to use it. There are thousands of possible combinations here, users can change the color of the back, front piece and various accents, as well as add-on matching colored peripherals like headphones. After a Moto Maker ad appeared on Verizon over the weekend, reports are now saying Motorola will be shipping the device in the US within the next 4 days or so.

Following last month's price drop, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile customers will now see the 50% is savings as well as the Moto Maker support. Moto X phones will start at $100 for a 16GB model on a two year agreement from all four carriers.

Beyond that, Motorola said today that Android 4.4 KitKat would be rolling out for the Moto X soon and we also expect to see the reveal of the lower cost Moto G on Wednesday. Leaks suggest it's a quad-core smartphone with a 4.5-inch display going on sale November 14, with customizations options like the Moto X it was based on.